Innovation is happening. Right here.

Fitzsimons Innovation Community is a sprawling campus of leading-edge laboratory workspace where innovative health and life sciences companies of all sizes take their research to the next level to cure diseases, save lives, and improve care. Move in, and build your vision here—today.


The emphasis is on Community

We called it a community for a reason. From the board of directors to the newest company on campus, everyone at Fitzsimons Innovation Community knows that easy access to collaboration has direct results on success. From idea incubation to final-product manufacturing, your end-to-end innovation can come alive right here on our campus. All that Colorado sunshine is just a bonus.


Cutting-edge discoveries in action


Companies Thriving

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies are thriving. 95% of companies reported either no change to workforce or added employees.



Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies received more than 9 patents for their innovations in 2022.


New Innovations

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies introduced more than 18 new innovations to the market in 2022.


Capital Raised

In the past three years, Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies attracted more than $55M in investments to advance R&D, accelerate commercialization, support clinical trials, and fine-tune technology.


Companies with Discoveries

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies made news with major breakthrough discoveries last year. Areas included pharmaceuticals, research tools, molecular biology, medical devices, cell and gene therapy, and big data analytics.


Companies Forging Strategic Partnerships

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies forged strategic partnerships to advance innovation from research, multinational clinical trials, and expansion opportunities, to joint ventures, product development, and distribution partners.

*Fitzsimons Innovation Community Member Growth Survey responses (January – December 2021)

A heritage of healthcare and innovation

Fitzsimons Innovation Community stands on the grounds that once held the Fitzsimons Army Hospital, where soldiers returning from World War I were treated. The Colorado high altitude has always been a destination for advancements in lung treatment, and 100 years ago, soldiers sought cures for tuberculosis and mustard gas exposure right here.

After the Army decommissioned the hospital in the 1990s, ideas for the current University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Fitzsimons Innovation Community began to percolate. That rich history of discovery, care, and research continues to inspire our vision a century later.

Our team is on your team

You know best when it comes to your projects, and we know how to keep you up and running with first-class scientific facilities management and community engagement. Our priority is to help you thrive on this campus and we have the proven tools and expertise to make that happen.

Ann Dennis


April Giles

Vp, business development

Don Larson

Facilities engineer

Erica N. Slaughenhoup

Accounting Specialist

Julie Ehler

Accounting Lead

Lyle Artz

Site manager

Mary Williams

Property administrator

Steve VanNurden


Sue Niblo

Senior property manager

Thomas Smith

Vp, finance & operations

“The workspace has been perfect for our projects, but the most impressive thing to me has been the community. We’ve collaborated with researchers from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, networked with other Fitzsimons Innovation Community members, and bounced ideas off some of the best minds in healthcare. And it’s all contributed to us moving forward in our research.”

Scott Deeter

CEO, InVitria

“I park my car in the morning, and then I never move it until I leave after work. We walk to lunch and meetings and take advantage of the outdoor space as much as we can during the day. Work-life balance happens right on campus.”

Kristin Nixon

President, PhosphoSolutions


Fitzsimons Innovation Community News

Fitzsimons Innovation Community and Aimco Host the Community’s First-Ever Media Pitch Day
Blog | Oct 12, 2023

Fitzsimons Innovation Community and Aimco Host the Community’s First-Ever Media Pitch Day

With Aimco, Fitzsimons Innovation Community hosted members of the local and media to learn firsthand about breakthrough work from 10 of the 80+ visionary biotech and life sciences companies in the Fitzsimons Innovation Community ecosystem who are defining the future of health and care.

Fitzsimons Innovation Community and Aimco Deepen Co-Commitment to Campus Vision
News | Aug 24, 2023

Fitzsimons Innovation Community and Aimco Deepen Co-Commitment to Campus Vision

The new partnership will accelerate delivery of lab space to market. Designed for quick expansion and flexibility to respond to market needs, the development will begin with the 230,000-square-foot Bioscience 4 facility. Bioscience 4 will be the perfect space for health innovators on the frontlines of the most exciting progress in healthcare.

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