Fitzsimons Innovation Community released its first annual “Innovation Report” highlighting the way in which the Community is united to transform science into the future of health and care. The report theme, “United to Advance Health,” weaves together stories of the Community’s dedication to advance the life sciences industry, local economy, entrepreneurial community, innovative partnerships, and a collaborative campus.

Fitzsimons Innovation Community works with passion and purpose to provide the facilities, services, and resources that its members need to enable innovation across the entire Community footprint, and beyond. The inaugural edition of the report features perspectives and profiles from these health innovators within the Community ecosystem that underscore how Fitzsimons Innovation Community supports visionaries working to advance scientific discoveries and improve lives.

The report also includes data points to support the growth of Fitzsimons Innovation Community. Results from a Member Growth survey indicate that companies experienced growth, attracted investments, secured strategic partners, and continued to develop breakthrough innovations that advance health and care.