Our visionaries.

It’s not just any companies that work on the Fitzsimons Innovation Community campus. Currently, our campus is home to more than 80 visionary organizations and 800 employees in pharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy, medical devices, molecular biology, diagnostics, and more. These companies are collaborating, thriving, and making major discoveries and advancements in health and care. And they’re all doing it right here.

Cutting-edge discoveries in action

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Companies Thriving

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies are thriving. 95% of companies reported either no change to workforce or added employees.

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Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies received more than 9 patents for their innovations in 2021, a 50% increase over the prior year.

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New Innovations

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies introduced more than 18 new innovations to the market in 2021, from pharmaceuticals to molecular biology to medical devices.

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Capital Raised

In 2021, Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies attracted more than $55M in investments to advance R&D, accelerate commercialization, support clinical trials, and fine-tune technology.

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Companies with Discoveries

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies made news with major breakthrough discoveries last year. Areas included pharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy, medical devices, molecular biology, and diagnostics.

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Companies Forging Startegic Partnerships

Fitzsimons Innovation Community member companies forged strategic partnerships to advance innovation from research, multinational clinical trials, and expansion opportunities, to joint ventures, product development, and distribution partners. 

*Fitzsimons Innovation Community Member Growth Survey responses (January – December 2021)

Our visionaries have something to say

“Fitzsimons Innovation Community is an excellent place to locate a life sciences business at any stage of development.”

Roland Marcus

Chief Operating Officer, Peak Diagnostic Partners

“This community is a fantastic place to house your life sciences startup. There are many emerging companies all sharing space in the same area, and as a result you can benefit from advice, shared resources, and friendship that reach outside of your own company.”

Melissa Krebs

CEO and Founder, GelSana Therapeutics, Inc.

“Beautiful environment, flexible lab and office spaces, and a wonderful management team with fast responses to any requests.”

Sean Liu

CEO and President, Alta Biotech

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Medical Device

3DBiopsy/Triopsy Medical, Inc.


3DBiopsy has developed a turnkey Biopsy System that uses three-dimensional (3D) imaging to map the prostate gland and correctly identifies clinically significant cancers with a 97% accuracy. The 3DBiopsy System includes a patented Biopsy Needle, Biopsy Actuator device, patent-pending Integrated Pathology System and 3D Mapping Software. This 4-part advance in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer will result in a paradigm shift in the management of this disease— and ultimately, other cancers.

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Education & Training

Alpha Omega Alpha

Alpha Omega Alpha, founded in 1902, is the national medical honor society. Alpha Omega Alpha's mission is recognizing high educational achievement; honoring gifted teaching; encouraging the development of leaders in academia and the community; supporting the ideals of humanism, and promoting service to others. Election to Alpha Omega Alpha is an honor signifying a lasting commitment to professionalism, leadership, scholarship, research, and community service. A lifelong honor, membership in the society confers recognition for a physician’s dedication to the profession and art of healing.

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Molecular Biology

Alta Biotech, LLC

Alta Biotech

Alta Biotech is a fast-growing global contract research organization specializing in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology services. Alta's core area of expertise includes plasmid DNA purification, gDNA and total RNA extraction, gene synthesis and a wide portfolio of customized fundamental life science research support. With facilities located in the heart of the Fitzsimons Life Science District in Colorado, Alta Biotech has developed a variety of in-house technology platforms to provide fast, high-quality, and cost-effective services to exceed customer expectations. Our goal is to serve as a trusted bioscience partner to our customers.

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Cell and Gene Therapy

Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Atara Biotherapeutics is a leading off-the-shelf, allogeneic T-cell immunotherapy company developing novel treatments for patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. We utilize T cells from donors with healthy immune function, with the goal to specifically recognize and target cancerous or diseased cells in patients without affecting normal cells. Our investigational off-the-shelf T cells are intended for rapid delivery from inventory to patients.

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Aurora Oncology, Inc.

Aurora Oncology focuses on targeted detection and targeted treatment of early-stage cancer. Aurora is developing a non-invasive diagnostic test to detect over-expressed EGFR from cancer cells in the urine to enable treating patients that will respond to EGFR-targeted therapy. Aurora is also developing an advanced theranostic approach that allows for unprecedented sensitivity in imaging early-stage disease. EGFR-specific nanoparticles will allow detection of EGFR expressing cancer cells against a dark background with the subsequent ability to thermally ablate cells that have bound the particles.

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Molecular Biology


Avidity develops and sells molecular affinity tools for connecting molecules. Avidity's patented AviTag technology employs a highly targeted enzymatic conjugation of a single biotin on a unique 15 amino acid peptide tag using the biotin ligase (BirA) from E. coli. Oriented on streptavidin-coated surfaces, this creates an ideal presentation for molecular binding interactions. Though Avidity is a small company, the scientific benefits of its AviTag have garnered notice. Currently, AviTag technology is licensed by seven of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies and is used by researchers in 22 countries.

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Education & Training

Medical Device

Center For Bioengineering

The mission of the Center For Bioengineering (CFB) is to support and enhance healthcare technology innovation through cross-disciplinary collaborations between engineering and health sciences on the Anschutz Medical Campus. The CFB brings together engineers, clinicians, students, and scientists to fulfill its mission. The Center and associated Department of Bioengineering comprise a large number of highly collaborative faculty, scientists, teachers, and researchers, all dedicated to seeking cures for diseases, advancing foundational research, translating new technologies into clinical use, and teaching the next generation of biomedical innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Education & Training

Medical Device

Center for Surgical Innovation

Center for Surgical Innovation (

The Center for Surgical Innovation trains more than 5,000 medical professionals annually from across the nation and world. The center’s faculty of academic surgeons consists of over 40 individuals from 14 different surgical subspecialties. These national leaders of surgical education have brought the cutting edge of surgical technology into operating rooms around the world through courses held in our state-of-the-art training facility.