Custom Space and Attractive Community Resources

Fitzsimons Innovation Community offers leading-edge facilities, including state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms, shared scientific and administrative equipment, community space for collaboration, and custom lab and office space across the street from a world-class medical destination.

Bioscience 1

Bioscience 1 is a 97,000-square foot, 3-story building that opened for business in 2000. More than 100 companies have started their operations here and many have grown into successful life science businesses. Growing companies from startups to successful commercial entities are located in pre-built labs and offices as well as custom built spaces.

Features and Amenities
  • Pre-built Labs and Offices
  • Private Offices and Cubicles
  • Conference Rooms with A/V equipment
  • Kitchen and Catering Space
  • High-speed Internet
  • Event Space

Bioscience 2

Bioscience 2 is a 115,000-square foot, 4-story building that opened in 2015. Bioscience 2 combines research, business and education under one roof. The first two floors house the CU Anschutz innovative Bioengineering program; its mission is to improve human health through the application of engineering principles, ideas, methods, and inventions in order to solve important clinical problems.

From there the students can move up a floor and practice what they have learned and then move on to begin their own commercial bioscience company on the top floors. By locating the bioengineering program in the same building as commercial life science companies, the Bioscience 2 building encourages collaboration between students and industry.

Features and Amenities
  • Educational and Private Laboratories
  • Home to the CU Anschutz Bioengineering Program
  • Conference Rooms
  • Support Areas
  • Classrooms
  • Study Rooms
  • Teaching Laboratories
  • LEED Gold Certified

Bioscience 3

Bioscience 3 is a 117,000-square foot, 3-story building that opened Spring 2020. This building provides companies the ability to expand and continue growing within the Fitzsimons Innovation Community. Bioscience 3 provides for custom built labs, offices and warehouse/manufacturing space.  It is currently more than 70% leased, and is ready for space planning with other innovative companies.

Features and Amenities
  • Wet labs
  • Research bays design to minimize vibration
  • Open office
  • Office Suites
  • Flexible manufacturing, assembly and distribution space
  • 100-seat flexible auditorium
  • Shared conference facilities
  • Café with outdoor seating
  • Covered Parking

Bioscience 5

Bioscience 5 is a 90,000-square foot building currently under construction. This building will be the first in the Fitzsimons Innovation Community with full-scale manufacturing, for cell and gene therapy. Bioscience 5 is designed to support its member companies’ overall development and optimize the scientific advancements within our Community ecosystem.

With our dedicated full-scale cell and gene therapy commercial manufacturing in the new Bioscience 5, companies will have the ability to grow with us here on our campus, allowing them to concentrate on health breakthroughs.

The completion date for Bioscience 5 is expected to be at the end of April, early May 2022.

Features and Amenities
  • First full-scale commercial manufacturing facility in the Fitzsimons Innovation Community
  • Designed for cell and gene therapy
  • Build-to-suit flexible manufacturing, assembly and distribution space
  • Wet labs
  • Research bays designed to minimize vibration
  • Office Suites
  • Designed to accommodate GMP clean rooms

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