Fitzsimons Innovation Community First Annual Innovation Report: “United to Advance Health”

Demonstrates Community Momentum to Meet Speed-to-Market Urgency in Biotech

AURORA, Colo. (December 9, 2021) – Fitzsimons Innovation Community today released its first annual “Innovation Report” highlighting the way in which the Community is united to transform science into the future of health and care. The report theme, “United to Advance Health,” weaves together stories of the Community’s dedication to advance the life sciences industry, local economy, entrepreneurial community, innovative partnerships, and a collaborative campus.

Fitzsimons Innovation Community works with passion and purpose to provide the facilities, services, and resources that its members need to enable innovation across the entire Community footprint, and beyond. The inaugural edition of the report features perspectives and profiles from health innovators within the Community ecosystem that underscore how Fitzsimons Innovation Community supports visionaries working to advance scientific discoveries and improve lives.

Steve VanNurden, president and chief executive officer of Fitzsimons Innovation Community, describes the report as a snapshot of the groundbreaking work that Community partnerships make possible and the promise of what is yet to come. “Cell and gene therapies are at the forefront of innovation, and will help define the future of health and care. We provide connections to the intellectual property to drive innovation, forge partnerships, and accelerate advancements in these growing fields. Our new Bioscience 5 facility dedicated to cell and gene therapy will allow the Community to support companies from initial concept into development and clinical trials through manufacturing a commercial product.”

Adjacent to Fitzsimons Innovation Community, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is the largest academic health sciences center in the Rocky Mountain West, and a medical destination for transformative education, research, innovation, and healthcare. CU Anschutz Medical Campus Chancellor Don Elliman, who also chairs the Fitzsimons Innovation Community board, authored the report foreword reinforcing the importance of strategic alignment to create an unmatched innovation ecosystem. “The Fitzsimons Innovation Community is an essential partner in this endeavor, helping to attract industry leaders and entrepreneurs eager to partner with top talent in diverse fields, and drawn by our interconnected environment and capacity for growth.”

Fitzsimons Innovation Community benefits from joint programs with CU Innovations, the university’s technology transfer operation. “Many of our companies and organizations originated as university research projects,” says VanNurden. “Our proximity to significant funding opportunities on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, including the CU Healthcare Innovation Fund, is an incredible benefit to our members to advance innovative science and technology.”

The 2021 Innovation Report includes perspectives and profiles from these Fitzsimons Innovation Community members and partners:

The report includes data points to support the growth of Fitzsimons Innovation Community. Results from a Member Growth survey indicate companies experienced growth, attracted investments, secured strategic partners, and continued to develop breakthrough innovations that advance health and care. A few notable points:

  • Fitzsimons Innovation Community is home to more than 80 visionary organizations at all stages of commercialization.
  • More than 800 employees contribute to the health breakthroughs happening at Fitzsimons Innovation Community every day.
  • Most Fitzsimons Innovation Community companies are actively engaged in fundraising to power their progress. Companies raised more than $21M in capital to advance R&D, support clinical trials, and accelerate commercialization.
  • Almost half of Fitzsimons Innovation Community companies had a major breakthrough discovery last year. Innovation successes were in sectors across the board from cell and gene therapy to diagnostics to pharmaceuticals.

To read and download the Fitzsimons Innovation Community 2021 Innovation Report, please visit:

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At Fitzsimons Innovation Community, visionaries boldly transform science into the future of health and care. Our Community pushes boundaries in a unified pursuit of health breakthroughs. From concept through commercialization, organizations choose Fitzsimons for its entrepreneurial environment, leading-edge facilities, and campus-wide support. Visionaries discover, develop, and collaborate with direct access to the renowned clinicians and researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. We are united to advance health.

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