Local Biotech Firm Attracts Substantial NIH Funding for Drug Alternative to Opiates


Local Biotech Firm Attracts Substantial NIH Funding for Drug Alternative to Opiates
Focusing on Non-addictive Pain Treatment, Lohocla Research Corporation Attracts National Institute on Drug
Abuse Attention with Their Multi-target, Rationally Designed Therapeutic

Aurora, CO: Today, Lohocla Research Corporation announced that it received its 3.3 million-dollar
second year of federal funding (of a total 15 million-dollar award) after meeting the milestones set
out in their proposed research project into a non-addictive therapeutic for chronic pain.

Acknowledging the promise of this new drug, dubbed Kindolor, the National Institute on Drug Abuse
(NIDA) has committed five years of funding to researching the safety and effectiveness of the new,
rationally designed chemical entity.

Over 100 million adults in the U.S. suffer from intermittent or constant chronic pain. Moreover,
chronic pain affects at least 10 percent of the world’s population. The primary pharmaceuticals for
treatment of chronic pain have been natural or synthetic opioids, which has resulted in what has been
called an “epidemic” of opioid abuse, addiction and lethal overdoses.1 This crisis is the result of the
lack of good prescription alternatives to opiates in order to treat chronic pain.
Kindolor is significant because it can effectively treat chronic pain by actin on the peripheral nervous
system. In contrast, opiates work primarily in the central nervous system, spinal cord, and brain, and
so cause addiction. Moreover, not only is Kindolor able to ease pain on its own, it can be used in
concert with opiates in order to reduce the necessary opiate dosage, mitigating the risk of opiate
abuse and overdose.

Company CEO Dr. Boris Tabakoff said, “The breakthrough was the design of a molecule that
addresses three important generators of chronic pain without affecting other targets. We have
demonstrated that this approach results in a very effective medication that could truly work as a
substitute for or adjunct to opiates and could reduce opiate use several fold.”

About Lohocla Research: Lohocla Research Corporation is a compassionate company dedicated to
improving quality of life. We understand the challenges associated with chronic pain and addiction
and focus on transforming the lives of patients suffering from these conditions. The mission of
Lohocla Research Corporation is to use genetic, genomic, and proteomic technology in conjunction
with rational, computational drug design to develop diagnostic and therapeutic products for
neurologic mental illness and/or addictive disorders.