b'UNITED TO ADVANCE OURcommunityCerebral Therapeutics Founded: Our Work: 2018 We are launching our Phase 2 randomized control trial of intracerebroventricular drug delivery of the anti-seizure Headquarters: medication CT-010 in patients with medically refractory Fitzsimons Innovation Community epilepsy. We have sites in Australia and Israel with plansAbout Us:for expansion to the U.S. to grow and support this effort.Cerebral Therapeutics is a clinical stage pharmaceuticalOur Impact: company dedicated to developing innovative therapies forOur intracerebroventricular infusion therapy is designed to offerZalgen Labsrefractory neurological diseases. Founded by experts ina more efficacious and reliable approach to treating severe the fields of neuroscience, neurosurgery, and drug delivery,neurological diseases, including medically refractory epilepsy,Founded: Cerebral Therapeutics is pioneering intracerebroventricularfor which oral medications are not able to achieve adequate2011(ICV) therapies for people with neurological diseases. Ourcontrol and/or are limited by systemic toxicities. We aim toinvestigational drug therapies are enabled by the companyssave and improve the lives of patients. Headquarters: proprietary technology, ICVRx.Germantown, MD, with a diagnostics PLAY VIDEO PLAYdevelopment and manufacturing centerThe proximity to other Fitzsimons Innovation at Fitzsimons Innovation CommunityCommunity companies is really critical. Were About Us: getting to know the other organizations in the Zalgen Labs is advancing critical steps in thebuilding and how we might work with them.characterization of lead candidate antibodies, reagents,Its exciting.and technologies enabling the development of a first-in-class immunotherapeutic for prophylaxis andTIM D E GRADO post-exposure treatment of Lassa Fever. Arevirumab-3,CU RESEARCH IMAGING CENTER, DIRECTOR now in advanced pre-clinical stages, features a unique,PHARMALOGIC, CONSULTANTrationally designed cocktail of fully human antibodies against a viral infectious disease, aimed at increasing the protective efficacy of the treatment while decreasing the virus ability to generate escape mutants.Our Work: Most of our effort today is focused on arenavirusesSince joining Fitzsimons Innovation(Lassa and Junin) and filoviruses (Ebola and Marburg),PLAY VIDEO PLAYsupporting epidemiology efforts of vaccine developers, and providing critical reagents and research diagnostic Community, weve been able totests for research programs in the U.S. and Africa. operationalize our company, becomeArevirumab-3, our most important project, is Fitzsimons Innovation Community is the a registered CLIA laboratory, hire andrapidly approaching pre-IND submission. complete package. World-class laboratory Our Impact: space, proximity to the University, easy access expand our team, and start generatingWe focus on developing solutions to emergingto Denver International Airport, and Community seminars and outreach. The team at Fitzsimons data in less than six months. PLAY viral threats in neglected regions of the world.really cares about my companys success. Its all PLAY VIDEOAlongside our various partners, we are actively JAKE CHABON developing the medical countermeasures criticalthese things that make the difference.FORESIGHT DIAGNOSTICS, CEO to addressing these highly fatal diseases, endemicBOB BLOMQUIST in Africa, but also considered global biothreats. SUMMIT BIOLABS, CEO14Fitzsimons Innovation Community Annual Innovation Report 15'