b'Introduction Welcome to Our First Annual Innovation Report Our Community unlocks the possibility of hope for the future At Fitzsimons Innovation Community, we support visionariesof health and care. With the launch of our next development working to advance scientific discoveries. Our team works withproject, Bioscience 5, were betting on just thatthe future of passion and purpose to provide the facilities, services, andcell and gene therapy. The Fitzsimons Innovation Community resources our Community members need to transform theprovides connections to the intellectual property that will drive future of health and care.innovation and partnerships, and accelerate advancements in cell and gene therapy. Bioscience 5 will allow us to support We invest in a collaborative, entrepreneurial community tocompanies from initial concept into development and clinical attract innovators representing early stage, emerging, andtrials through manufacturing a commercial product.established companies and organizations with a readilyWhile the Community provides the physical capacity to enable available talent pipeline.innovation, its our alignment with stakeholders and our We nurture our Community members, allowing them connection to thought leaders that open access to deeper to concentrate on the work that matters. collaboration. This is what we do.We partner with clinicians and researchers right acrossOur First Annual Innovation Report highlights the way in which the street on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medicalthe Fitzsimons Innovation Community is united to advance Campus to foster innovation from the bench to the health across our entire footprint, and beyond. bedside and advance discoveries for the benefit ofpatients worldwide. We collaborate with business leaders and economic development partners to promote Fitzsimons InnovationSteve VanNurden Community and accelerate our growth. President & CEO, Fitzsimons Innovation CommunityIndustry foreword Sparking Innovation, Accelerating Solutions The Fitzsimons Innovation Community is an essential partner At the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, in this endeavor, helping to attract industry leaders and Our Communitya strong spirit of innovation and collaboration drives us. entrepreneurs eager to partner with top talent in diverse fields, As the largest academic health sciences center in the Rockyand drawn by our interconnected environment and capacity Mountain West, we are a growing medical destination at thefor growth. Together, we are moving bold breakthroughs more quickly than ever before from research bench to clinic and forefront of transformative education, research, innovation, unlocks the possibilityand healthcare.to market. We are well-positioned for what is next, and our forward momentum shows no signs of slowing. In my role as chancellor of the CU Anschutz Medical CampusIt is through such partnerships that we advance our work to and chair of the Fitzsimons Innovation Community board,of hope for the futureI have had the privilege of working side by side with dedicatedsave and improve lives. The stories that follow in this Fitzsimons partners to bring an ambitious vision for our campus toInnovation Community First Annual Innovation Report provide fruition. By strategically aligning our expertise and assets, wea snapshot of the groundbreaking work that our partnerships have created an innovation ecosystem that is truly unmatched.make possible and the promise of what is yet to come.of health and care.Here, we cultivate rich connections and foster a culture in which risk-taking is encouraged and pioneering discoveries are made. With focused investments in exploration and development, our campus infrastructure supports life Donald M. Elliman, Jr. sciences research across the entire spectrum. Chancellor, CU Anschutz Medical Campus2Fitzsimons Innovation Community Annual Innovation Report 3'